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Outdoors for under 3s

Montessori believed that the outdoor environment is a natural extension of the classroom.

Some of the feedback I get as the childcare operator relates to the fact that our playgrounds for children who are under 2 don’t have any fixed structures for climbing and hiding and pretend play .

We all know that children under 2 don’t play together. They play independently they played side-by-side or they look for the big person.

At Gold Coast Montessori, we understand this and turn our outdoor areas into something your child will learn from. We plan and set up activities that link to the learning themes and to their developmental milestones.

Sometimes we use the swings, and sometimes we use an obstacle course and sometimes we use a balance beam. Sometimes we hide dinosaurs in the long grass and sometimes we hide teddy bears in a ‘cave’ and go on a hunt! Sometimes it’s hot, so we turn the sprinklers on but at all times the activities outside, present opportunities to your children. The children learn to engage, to explore, to use their bodies to be physical to exercise and develop gross motor skills. Don't be put off by a blank canvas - a masterpiece awaits your child's input.



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