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Mudgeeraba Child Care Centre

Mudgeeraba's Leading & Authentic Montessori Child Care Centre

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The Very Best In Mudgeeraba Child Care Baby, Toddler & Kindergarten Education 

The Mudgeeraba Child Care Centre is the leading and largest Authentic Montessori Child Care Centre on the Gold Coast. 


Mudgeeraba Montessori Gold Coast was established in 2006, our mission is to provide the very best in early childhood education within Queensland. 


For over 17 years we have been providing our Gold Coast children with an exceptional learning experience, from as young as 6 weeks through to prep in Queensland. 


We have authentic Montessori, double qualified Montessori - Child Care educators and team members throughout our 2 centres. We are located within 500 meters of the M1 Motor Way in both our Gold Coast locations.


Our Mudgeeraba Kindergarten teachers are qualified and experienced Early Learning Education teachers - so our students are prepared to take on the challenges of big school. Not just academically but with confidence about the expectations of behaviour and social work dynamics. 


If you are new to Day Care or looking at relocating to the Gold Coast, our services are worth the change for your child. You can make application to our online waitlist enrolment form. Changing child care to our service is not difficult and we will support you and your family with visits to ensure it’s as comfortable as possible for everyone involved. Due to families relocating with work commitments, we have a couple of vacancies available.

What Sets Us Apart?

Mudgeeraba Child Care Centre
We Offer Baby - Toddler - Kindergarten
Montessori Child Care

Montessori Gold Coast Child Care Baby

Mudgeeraba Child Care Centre - Baby Infant Care & More

Our Mudgeeraba Gold Coast Montessori Infant Baby Room is filled with Love and Nurturing. 


Your baby can develop in our centre from 6 weeks old through to the age of 6 years.

Picasso Room – Our Nido for babies from 6 weeks to 15 months.  


We engage with our youngest children in a way that is positive and nurturing since we know that this stage of development has long term impacts for the child as he grows. We at Montessori Gold Coast know that caring for your baby is no simple matter.


Dr. Montessori provided us with clear goals and guidelines which are implemented by our qualified, interested and focused team who use this to tailor a care plan for your child.

Montessori Gold Coast Child Care Spindel Box Numbers

Mudgeeraba Child 
Care Toddler Care & Education

Our Monet, Van Gogh, Beethoven and Strauss rooms are designed to give our toddlers the opportunity to work within a prepared environment where “me do it!” is our goal for the children. 

Teachers encourage children to concentrate on tasks independently until they have mastered the task. This reduces the tensions for children not yet communicating verbally.


Toddlers show interest in everything within their environment and want to examine and investigate every detail they find. Montessori prepared environments provides the time to explore and build understanding.


Toddlers are developing both their fine and gross motor skills, loving to climb, run, balance and move things, pick up small objects and work to put things together.

Montessori kindergarten 4 years old boy

Mudgeeraba Child  Care Kindergarten Care & Education

The Mudgeeraba & Reedy Creek Montessori Kindergarten Preschool approach fosters children's love of learning and encourages independence by providing an environment of activities and materials which children use at their own pace.

We are a Government approved Kindergarten that delivers to all the key outcomes of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guide.


Our point difference is that we use the Montessori method to provide children the opportunity to do more, learn more, and explore more - in an environment purposely designed for their delight and education.

Mudgeeraba Child Care & 2023 Vacancies

With our Queensland Borders reopening, now is the time to waitlist your children. Families are relocating both in and out of State - so do not miss this opportunity to secure a place for your child.

Child Care is more than just children playing games. Mudgeeraba & Reedy Creek Montessori Child Care, teaches a child how to learn and so much more. 


Enrol today - we have a couple of vacancies available in our Montessori Child Care and Kindergartens, due to families relocating. Do not miss your child's opportunity, they will fill quickly. 

Montessori Gold Coast Logo

Locally Owned
Onsite Family

We are a local Gold Coast onsite family owned & operated 
Montessori Child Care Centre.


So many other Child Care centres on the Gold Coast are corporate owned or listed on the Australian Stock Exchange or run by a board of directors. We are about educating the children not the shareholders. 

Montessori Gold Coast Logo

100% Authentic

Our centres are staffed with double qualified educators - both in "Montessori" and "Australian Children’s Services". 


Some centres said they were "influenced or inspired by Montessori" with a few tray activities or words - that is not the real nor authentic Montessori, so don't be fooled into thinking it is.

Montessori Gold Coast Logo

17 Years On The Gold Coast

Here in Mudgeeraba and Reedy Creek Montessori, children learn to both take direction and direct their own learning, preparing them for a future of excellence.


We have advanced pre-prep services helping children be prepared for big school. Here, children get to know who they are, and who they can truly be. 

Boosting Children's 
Education By Creating A Love Of Learning

Montessori empowers your child's learning potential.

What is Montessori? The alternative choice in providing your child with the very best care and educational start.


What can you expect?  ... calm, well mannered, engaged, motivated and educated children that can read on their own and are prepared for big school is what we at Mudgeeraba & Reedy Creek Montessori are known for… isn’t this what you want for your child?


Our Mudgeeraba & Reedy Creek Montessori Child Care Centres are dedicated to providing High Quality Service and Care. For over 16 years, by people who are passionate about your children's Montessori Education and their future in an ever changing and evolving world, we are delivering high quality care and education to the GC.

Hello I am
MaryAnne Hossack

Welcome to Montessori Gold Coast - we are located at Mudgeeraba - Educational Hub of the

Gold Coast. We are now in our 17th year providing authentic Montessori to Gold Coast Children and families.

I wanted the best education for my son and daughter, as every parent would! 


Authentic Montessori outcomes with calm, well mannered, engaged, motivated and educated children. Children who can read on their own and are prepared for their future education in Primary school and beyond. 


I embraced the Montessori Method because I saw the best long term benefits for infants and children right through life.


I trained my staff to my personal expectations and now we deliver these and make them available to you! We have been providing the very best to Gold Coast families since 2006, with an honest, respectable and reliable service.

I invite you to arrange a visit at Mudgeeraba. See for yourself the real benefits of Montessori Gold Coast.

Mary-Anne Hossack Montessori Gold Coast Owner



Our Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care Centre is located beside Aldi, Mudgeeraba Central and M1 MW.


Gold Coast

Montessori Gold Coast. We offer Child Care, Kindergarten, Preschool, Day Care, Early Learning Centre.

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Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care


9 Robert Street Mudgeeraba

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Child Care Benefit is a payment from the Australian Government that helps you with the cost of your child care. You can get CCB if you are a parent, foster parent or grandparent with a child in your care who is attending child care services approved by, or registered with, the Government.


Additional Government Assistance with fees:

The Federal Government has set priority guidelines for the Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate. The main priority for a place in a centre is for working parents, those seeking work, and students. This amount of childcare benefit depends on your joint gross weekly income, which is assessed through the Family Assistance Office (FAO). Families can contact the FAO on 13 61 50.

Our Montessori Centre Directors can assist you with any F.A.Q.

Montessori Gold Coast Child Care
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Mudgeeraba & Reedy Creek Montessori Child Care
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